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Commercial /Private Premises

*We have worked hand in hand with environmental health departments all over the country.
All technicians are certified,
Method/risk supplied on all sites. Pestrangers Have a Health And Safety Policy. Copies can be emailed to all customers on request. All training information again forwarded by email.

Contractor services

  • All customers receive a pest control record folder.
  • Ants garden/ tropical
  • Bedbugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Fleas
  • Flying and crawling Insects
  • We Fit and supply fly screens and fly machines
  • Wasps
  • Woodworm
  • Risk and method statement supplied on all sites.
  • Bait plans with coshh data sheets.
  • Field biologists reports and visits.
  • Catch analysis reports.
  • Area managers on site inspection reports.
  • 24 response time.
  • On site training
  • Free advice on ingress hygiene matters. Written reports on every treatment.
Commercial /Private Premises
Commercial /Private Premises
Commercial /Private Premises

Customized Pest Control Solutions to Protect Your Business
Greenleaf Pest Control provides comprehensive and cost-effective commercial pest control solutions that allow you to safeguard your business from insect and rodent infestation. Our certified pest control professionals are prepared to handle any pest that finds its way inside your property, including cockroaches, mice, rats, ants, flies, birds, and wildlife. Through highly-targeted and effective pest control management programs that reduce pesticide use to a minimum, our commercial pest control solutions will help ensure that your commercial facility meets the most stringent laws and regulations
Helping Beverage and Food Processors to Be Audit-Ready at All Times For food processors and businesses in the food processing industry, the assurance of safety and quality standards should be at the heart of all food processing activities. The food standard Agency UK(FSA) reports exceed 1 million people are affected by food poisoning in the UK every year. It is not just the victims of food poisoning who suffer - restaurants, grocery stores, food processors, and distributors may be liable under both criminal and civil law, risking hefty fines and severe penalties.
Ensuring the highest (level of) safety standards is not only a necessity for your customers' wellbeing, but also for legal compliance. For establishments involved in food handling, the greatest risk of all is having your reputation tarnished as a result of having to recall a product or acknowledge a safety breach. For most business owners, product contamination has the potential to devastate your company as much as a natural disaster, and many As your pest control specialists, we offer effective, fully documented, and automated pest control programs to manage all food safety hazards in your business thereby reducing your overall risk. From documentation and record keeping of existing challenges to the prevention of future infestations, we handle all stages of the process:
Inspection of your business premises and operations to determine potential factors that encourage pest entry
Identification of critical control points and implementation of preventative measures to reduce pest risks to an acceptable level
Identification of problematic species and the establishment of procedures to ensure food safety hazards are controlled
Selection of the right treatment (which often consists of a combination of control methods) to eliminate target organisms
Review of procedures to ensure effectiveness and improve problem areas
Documentation and record keeping to prove the effectiveness of the program
Constant and Clear Communication with you ensuring an effective partnership in pest management
are never able to recover from the profound impact it has on their brand and sales.
As your pest control specialists, we offer effective, fully documented, and automated pest control programIng addition to damaging a company's reputation beyond repair, hurting stock prices, and destroying customer loyalty, product contaminations have become more costly today than ever before. On top of recall costs, product contamination can cost food and beverage processors millions in regulatory compliance, decontamination, lost profit, manufacturing delays, and others. To help avoid a potential disaster, Pestrangers are professionals we will assist in the development of a pest control program that complies with the most stringent food safety standards,