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Pestrangers pest control Services is experienced in the field of rodent control in all locations. We offer an optimum performance, for households and commercial premises.

Bait will be placed in secure tamper proof bait stations. bait plans,coshh data sheets, risk and method statements are left with customers before leaving site. All humane traps checked twice a day.

Wild rats and mice are harmful to human health, they can transmit diseases from droppings and urine and cause millions of pounds of damage in the food and drinks sector.


  • Rat traps/ humane traps/ poison/ proofing
  • Mice traps /humane traps/ poison/ proofing
  • Mole traps
  • Squirrel traps/ baiting
  • Rabbit traps/ proofing/shooting
  • Fox traps/ proofing /shooting