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Pest Control

Beware hornets and wasps sting always call a professional.
Selecting the best pest control company.

Hornets and how dangerous they are!

Saturday 25th August 2018

Hi, i completed a job the other day, i meet a elderly man on site who had been stung 7 times by hornets, if he had not had this epipen with him he would have died. He was raced to hospital and treated by our fantastic national health, just beware. Kind Regards Alan …

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Insect control in the summer (wasps)

Friday 29th June 2018

Look around your gutter line and sheds and all out buildings for wasps gaining access to the nest. Be very careful around these pesky stinging flying insects, they can be dangerous. Always call a local pest control company to deal with problem (advise to get 3 quotes)

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Garden Ant infestations

Sunday 22nd April 2018
Alan Edwards

Hi alan here, i just dropping you a line and some useful information. Spring is here with the warm weather i get a lot of calls for garden ants which are not a health risk to humans just a annoying they are non-pathogenic meaning they do not carry diseases and with powers and gels they can be eradicated. Hope this helps

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Finding the right pest control company

Saturday 20th January 2018
Alan Edwards